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21 Jun

The Whitby Hotel – New York’s Latest

Tim and Kit Kemp, founders of Firmdale Hotels, have just opened their second NY property at 18 West 56th Street, 2 blocks from Central Park...

20 Apr

The Albertine

Located on the ground floor of the glorious Payne Whitney mansion that houses the Cultural Services of the French Embassy, the Albertine is...

6 Nov

The New York Marathon: A Mile by Mile Guide

  Martina is running her first marathon this year and so this oh-so-wonderful New York event is especially exhilarating.  I have the app...

2 Sep

BookHampton: The East End’s Storied Gem

On the lovely east end of Long Island, a bookstore has been reinvigorated by a friend of mine, Carolyn Brody. About a year ago, Carolyn purchased...

25 Oct

MIMI Restaurant & Bar

It’s so new, this 9-table, village restaurant that its website features only a menu and an address.  It’s so stylish that even...

30 Jul


I love restraint which is probably why I love most things Japanese.  On Thompson Street, within a few doorways of a favorite Japanese restaurant,...

17 Jul

BONDST Restaurant

Situated in an historic, Soho-style brownstone, BONDST offers guests  three, distinct levels of enjoyment.  The ground floor houses BONDST...

30 Jun

Chefs Club

Located in the Puck Building on Mulberry just off Houston, Chefs Club is a masterful, innovative dining experience.  The daily menu is created...

28 Jun

Bags – To the Market

Waxed cotton, light as a feather, baby change purse as charming as its parent…hails from Paris (natch), but designed by Bess Nielsen of...

10 May

China Through The Looking Glass

The most wonderful show, China Through the Looking Glass, has opened at the Met Museum and will be up until August 16.  It is a stunning, meandering...

20 Dec

Kin Shop

The first review I heard of Kin Shop was from a Thai food blogger who takes our clients out on incredible foodie excursions in Bangkok and Phuket....

9 Dec


I had no idea, when I climbed the narrow steps to Estela located on Houston and Mott, that chef Ignacio Mattos was Uruguayan born.  That information would...

21 Nov

Kappo Masa

I love good food, but I am no foodie.  I look at the aesthetics, the noise levels, the service, the comfort of my seating – even the...

31 Mar

Please Adopt a Friend

I joined my son and his girlfriend on a day’s outing to find a dog to adopt. Val, Justin’s wonderful adopted chow, died 7 months...

25 Oct

A Morning at the Cloisters

15 minutes from the UES where I live is a world remote in time and place, a world of great beauty and sincerity.  The Cloisters, a branch of...

5 Oct

Shalom Japan

Offering an outrageous and seemingly random fusion of Japanese and Jewish cuisine, South Williamsburg newcomer, Shalom Japan, quite simply,...

31 May


  This little guy has changed our lives. The Breville Juice Fountain Crush is what is known as a Cold Press Juicer (a.k.a. Masticating...

5 Apr

ACME Restaurant – Noho

A really delicious new restaurant in an old space in Noho, Acme serves up locally grown fare beautifully presented and prepared.  We shared...

6 Mar

The Graham & Co.

I think we all secretly harbor the desire to run a B&B that looks and feels something like The Graham & Co.  I know a number of people...

25 Jan

Revel In New York

If you feel, as I do, that places come alive through the people that eat, breathe and love in them, pick up Revel In New York, Scott Newman’s...

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