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3 Nov

Sandy’s Aftermath

The images tell an ongoing story of devastation and despair.  What is creeping in is the full impact of the destruction that comes, little...

5 Apr


Smorgasburg makes it’s triumphant return to the Williamsburg waterfront this Saturday, offering creative prepared foods from purveyors...

20 Mar

Uncorked! Wine Co.

Located at 98 Christopher Street, Uncorked! Wine Co is pocket-sized wine shop with two interesting angles:  The first is that it has partnered...

26 Feb

Street Photography

The current show at New York’s The Jewish Museum, The Radical Camera:  New York’s Photo League, 1936-1951, is a wonderful portrait....

31 Jan

A Tale of Two Cities

Vahram Muratyan is the author and artist behind Paris versus New York:  A Tally of Two Cities, a blog that  pits the pride and joy of both...

11 Dec

Christmas Windows

21 Sep

Gotham Greens

The “farm” is a rooftop greenhouse in Greenpoint, Bklyn.  State of the art horticultural and engineering techniques optimize crop...

30 Aug

Tertulia – Buen Provecho!

It was like greeting an old friend. Last night, dining at Tertulia, I watched Chef Seamus Mullen stoking his fire, winding up and down the grill...

13 Aug

Kuma Inn – How To Eat

There’s no sign – or, rather, a hand written wonky sign on a grungy street (sorry Ludlow) – so it has been under the radar...

13 Jul


An absolutely delicious meal is to be had in this relaxed West 10th Street restaurant.  The menu of Crudo, Verdura, Pasta, Pesce, Carne is composed...

9 Jun

Who Is This Chicken Guy?

I was intrigued; my brain began to tick over… I have a courtyard between my building and its sister building that has racked up one failed...

21 May


I had a delicious dinner in Hell’s Kitchen last night at Taboon, a restaurant I had never been to.  Taboon is the Arabic word for the...

11 May

A Long Time Coming

We’ve all taken turns whinging about winter outlasting its welcome.  But Spring has landed in New York with a cool touch, brilliant light,...

14 Apr

A Trio of Tastiness

Gosh..Spring seems to be in the wings and we are all breathless for it.  Amazing how the senses respond..it is subtle,  but a tremor is felt...

15 Mar

Azul: Great Vibe

I just celebrated a birthday and chose, as the dinner venue for my group of 8 friends, a favorite of mine, LES restaurant Azul. I first came...

1 Mar

Caffe Falai

Located in Manhattan’s NoLita, this tiny, white and very cool space was opened by Le Cirque’s ex-pastry chef, Iacopa Falai as a follow...

26 Oct

De Vera

It didn’t surprise me that De Vera and the supremely talented Kathe Williams (see Two Green Witches 9/9/10), had the imagination to design...

2 Sep

Italy Comes to New York

What happens when three of New York’s most beloved Italian-American restaurateurs team up with the founder of a gourmet food and wine market...

21 Jul

The Corner Bookstore

Tuesday’s announcement that Amazon was now selling more electronic books than bound books was a sobering one.  I mourn the passing of...

9 Jul

Salud! The Red & Yellow

You won’t find it unless you have been directed there or are simply curious about the red and yellow flag of Spain that hangs from the...

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