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3 Jul

Dustin Yellin’s Passion

I spent yesterday with Dustin Yellin, arguably one of the most influential contemporary artists around.  His pieces are fascinating – stacked planes of glass, each embellished with images and painting that, when layered atop each other, create collages of staggering dimension and detail.  Many of the finished pieces are massive public installations; the...

30 May

The Mallmann Diaspora

Metta, Norberto Piattoni’s Fort Green neighborhood restaurant Francis Mallmann, the revered Argentinian chef made famous by his many restaurants around the world, a couple of books on his cooking style and a hit television series, Chef’s Table, has ensured his legacy with a diaspora of chef proteges, two of whom have rolled up in New York....

29 May

Friday Evenings in New York

  Sol LeWitt’s wall Friday evening, the end of a week of work,  good work that I enjoy. Yet planning travel for people is work of a specific kind that demands constant dialogue and a focus that must grasp and assemble an endless array of details.  It is tiring, that micro focus, and a steady diet of it leaves me often feeling like I...

20 Apr

The Albertine

Located on the ground floor of the glorious Payne Whitney mansion that houses the Cultural Services of the French Embassy, the Albertine is a gem of a bookshop and reading room.  The only French language bookstore in New York, it offers two floors of eclectic material in both French and English as well as a small offering of rare editions. The childrens’...

6 Nov

The New York Marathon: A Mile by Mile Guide

  Martina is running her first marathon this year and so this oh-so-wonderful New York event is especially exhilarating.  I have the app and am tracking her, borough by borough, street by street, step by step. Just a few hours before Martina took the bus from Varick Street to Staten Island along with 50,000 others from around the world, she...

3 Nov

Sublime Agnes Martin

Hello world!

2 Sep

BookHampton: The East End’s Storied Gem

On the lovely east end of Long Island, a bookstore has been reinvigorated by a friend of mine, Carolyn Brody. About a year ago, Carolyn purchased BookHampton when it was in jeopardy of closing its doors on East Hampton’s Main Street.  Extremely well read and erudite herself, she took the potential loss of the 40-year-old gem personally.  She had...

30 Aug

A Weekend in the Berkshires

Just 2.5 hours north of New York City is Great Barrington, an eclectic, laid back town in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts. Do not make the mistake of comparing the Berkshires to the Catskills of upstate NY—the Berkshires have a unique vibe of their own. Here you’ll find rolling green hills, a deep sense of history (formerly known as the...

15 Jul


It amazes me that, loving sushi as I do, I continually find delicious Japanese restaurants that I have never heard of!  Last night I had an indulgent dinner with my son and daughter-in-law, served at Neta’s sushi bar by Jay, a gentle Tibetan sushi chef with his own private stash of special fish. The menu is large and unusual – uni porridge...

22 Jun

Meditations #75

There is a magic to this valley, they say, with its flowered meadows and aspen groves cut by the Roaring Fork. And those sublime snowcapped peaks that dominate it all. There is a kinship here, nurtured in the mountain’s fold, as well as a fierce commitment to protect what is so dearly loved. Photo:  Forest Woodward Location:  Aspen, CO  

18 Jun

Sweaty Palms

A recent trip to Miami was made all the more fun because of the new openings — The Faena in South Beach, Francis Mallmann’s restaurant, Los Fuegos, in that hotel, and Quinta La Huella on the 3rd floor of the East Hotel on Brickell.  For me, who schlepps down to Uruguay to enjoy the magic of Pueblo Garzon, the original La Huella in Jose...

5 Jun

15 East Restaurant

There are so many delicious Japanese restaurants in New York..we are indeed fortunate.  Yesterday, however, I discovered one more on East 15th Street, aptly named 15 East Restaurant.  It was one of those serendipitous evenings.  Jeremy, Katie and I found ourselves on 14th Street West with a looming sky and hungry tummies.  And Jeremy, ever the...

22 May


“There is a magic to the valley”, they say. I know it. Its seduction lies in the staggering natural beauty of its mountains, rivers, lakes and forests, and in the colorful history so well preserved in the neat and intimate town, the surrounding mines, the museums. There is also the lovely surrounding ranchland, the territory in to which this town...

30 Apr

The Trees of Central Park

Find me. No, I’m not lost. I’m walking with Oliver in the northern reaches of Central Park and have just spotted a red-tailed hawk in the leafy canopy of a wide branched tree.  I love tracking the hawks and listening to the havoc they cause among the sparrows and robins but, today, it is the tree I am looking at. I pull out my iphone,...

26 Apr

Haven’s Kitchen

<a href=" cymbalta for anxiety.jpg”> We are looking for entertaining space because we are happily awaiting another wedding in the family, and so the time has come to vet the venue possibilities.  Haven’s Kitchen, located in a three-story converted carriage house on...

13 Feb

Friday at the Met

Friday, at the Met – a wonderful ritual that a friend and I have developed over time.  In sub freezing weather or on a summer evening, the glories of the Met are a siren call to us.  Much of the Met we know but, somehow, we always seem to find a new cabinet of jade objects, a special textile, an old friend of a painting or sculpture. Our footsteps...

24 Dec

Meditations #70

Cuba astounds me. I could get lost here, in this place that is so close and yet so far. I could lose myself in its story-rich pentimento and in its exuberant, creative potential. This is a moment, in a place, where the past and the future touch each other. Easily, and with great sweetness, I am drawn by the kinship that is our history, and I long for...

11 Dec

CUBA: Letters To My Sons – #8

Day #8 – So Close and Yet So Far Travel is as much about the imagination as it is about reality. Travel 101, as you all know, is about setting expectations. But how can you even begin to set expectations when the experience of traveling in Cuba is so deeply personal, refracted through the prism of your life journey. For me, arriving in Cuba felt...

9 Dec

CUBA: Letters to My Sons – #6, #7

We have had no internet for the last two days on top of which we have been in the car for long hours on each of them.  One thing you have to realize when planning a trip here is that the island is deceptively big;  On Monday, we travelled to the west of the island to Vinales, the tobacco growing region of the country and a wonderful karst landscape...

9 Dec

CUBA: Letters to My Sons – #5

Esterio Segura and his Goodbye My Love Day 5 It really is all about sugar.   We started off the day with a walking tour of  Old Havana, a perfectly beautiful old town of 108 blocks with wide cobbled streets and houses generously large to the point of being boastful.  The town was founded in the early 1500’s when Ocampo rounded the channel and...

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