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14 Jun

NY’s Central Park From Another Viewpoint

David Cobb Craig is a journalist, editor, photographer and former guide for the Central Park Conservancy.  He is also a long time friend of...

28 May

Meditations on Travel #55

There are still lost places to be found. It is thrilling to journey beyond the beyond, to encounter the undiscovered. But I wonder what it feels...

5 Apr


It took a birthday, a friend, and three sisters to lead me to UnderOurSky, a delicious (and dangerously desirous) website of beautiful objects. My...

26 Mar

Meditations #54

This is a place where land floats on water; where caimans soak in the shallows, and capybaras graze on flowers; where marsh deer nestle in...

16 Mar

Estancia Santa Cecilia

An hour and a half from Puerto Valle, In the Province of Misiones, is the authentic, family owned and run, Estancia Santa Cecilia. Occupied...

16 Mar

A Day at Puerto Valle

This is another Argentina, a place remote and untrod, where water meets sky along a flat horizon, where land is not land as we know it, firm...

10 Mar

Practice Makes Perfect

A friend of my son took this wonderful video while on safari in Tanzania. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YEyzvtMx3s Pelican story charming,...

5 Mar


If you are a traveler with a sense of adventure and a sense of style, a traveler who likes her independence and spontaneity, this could be the...

25 Feb

Meditations #53

The child, so near and yet so far, lives in the storybooks of old, now found in the shadow of a skyscraper, retreating from the fingertips of...

6 Feb

Tune Up for a Trip

Coming up with travel ideas is the one domain where I am most fluent.  If you give me vacation parameters and ask me “Where should I go?”,...

15 Nov

Lisa Lindblad Travel Design Winner and Finalist

Hot off the Press! Yesterday evening at the close of the PURE Life Experience conference and meetings in Marrakech, LLTD  won the award for...

9 Oct

Il Pellicano

In 1966, I spent a long weekend, more like a house party weekend, at a new hotel off the coast of Italy called Il Pellicano.  I was the guest...

27 Sep

Meditations #50

Go, before the insistent voice of caution ensnares you, before your fears convince you to stay put. Early travels are an education in themselves,...

6 Sep

Goodbye to Lamu

Maisha Marefu Na Matamu May You Have a Long and Sweet Life A sunset cruise begins with flower petals strewn from an unfurled sail.

5 Sep

Lamu Cheat Sheet

Here is my Lamu cheat sheet – Overview:  While many now opt for an end to their safari in a private house in the blander Watamu or Malindi...

4 Sep


When I travel I spend a good deal of time making sense of change – the before and the after, the old and the new, the process of aging....

3 Sep


Sunrise in the mangrove channels, painted sail bowed with the morning breeze. We are out for a day of line fishing with Omar and Ali in the...

2 Sep


Epicenter of Swahili culture that mixes Arab and African aesthetics and flavors, Lamu is an island of deep history. I have been coming here for...

1 Sep

Day 1 Nairobi

We arrived to a remarkably smoothly run burned out airport. The welcome tents have to be the most beautiful anywhere but to be expected in this...

31 Aug

Africa Bound

It’s been a while since the Lindblad family has headed for Africa together. Justin, Jeremy and I have spent years in and out of East Africa...

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