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26 Oct

Meditations #68

A home is a place you love and don’t want to leave. When we travel, we don’t expect to find “home,” but we do expect...

17 Oct


Must be getting old…In 1969 I moved to SoHo, a neighborhood inhabited by artists and (still) factory workers.  I was married to a painter,...

8 Aug

Where Travel Begins

<a href="http://lisalindblad.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/764165 have a peek here.jpg”> I am a traveler.  I am a literal...

2 Aug

Meditations #66

Travel is at its most fun when chance encounters and discoveries are made. Serendipity’s best friend is time. And so, I am convinced,...

28 May

Iceland: An Island Still Becoming

New York-Rejkyavik is a mere 4h37m, a remarkably short time in which to travel to a virtual moon. We all know that NASA sent its astronauts...

7 May

Next to Heaven

 Many years ago, when the wonderful animal behaviorist and naturalist, George Schaller, was studying snow leopard, he spoke to me of the Tibetan...

14 Feb


Behind and up the hill from Amankora Paro are the fired remains of Drukgyel Dzong, a 17th century fortress that saw battle between the Bhutanese...

13 Dec

St. Moritz Church – Augsburg, Germany

Someone – I don’t remember who –  said that architecture is light. St. Moritz Church in Augsburg, Germany, has been through...

16 Nov

The Passion for Travel

Every year I am privileged to attend PURE Life Experiences, a travel conference that stands heads above the vast array of travel conferences...

24 Sep

A New York Day

Phase 3 of the High Line opened on Sunday, and the September 19th review by Michael Kimmelman in the NYTimes was so evocative that I had to...

8 Sep

Good Bye to Sydney

Thanks to all in Australia.  What a great trip.

3 Sep

A Private Visit to the Australian Museum

I started my adult life as an anthropologist focussed on Africa and nomadic peoples.  My first year offerings as a graduate student at Columbia...

28 Aug

Room With a View

Hello Sydney!  Nice to meet you in the rain… ..in the sun……storm… …and undecided weather.  All within the space...

23 Aug

Meditations #58

An architect builds in a particular geography and at a specific moment in history.  It may not be our geography or our history and so, to understand...

20 Aug

Los Poblanos Ranch

There are so many hidden gems around the world, and one of the great pleasures of working in the world of travel is that friends generously offer...

10 Aug

The Alpina Gstaad

The Alpina Gstaad opened in this lovely alpine village in 2012.  With only 56 rooms and two chalets, a fantastic Six Sense Spa, and three sought...

3 Aug

Island Of The Blessed

Egypt might not be the first place you would consider traveling to these days, but the Siwa Oasis may strike you as it did Herodotus — “an...

25 Jul

Meditations #57

photographer: Mayra Ameneiros   Travel provides a context for life. Travel memories make photos breathe and imagination become material.  These...

4 Jul


There is a Corsican saying:  “If you live in Corsica, when you die and go to Paradise, you will be disappointed.”  Black and green...

25 Jun

Meditations on Travel #56

Vermillion walls with sea green trim, these houses, built cheek by jowl on this rocky lip fronting the Atlantic and the New World beyond, had...

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