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25 Aug

Kenya 2013

In a week’s time I will be back in Kenya.  I am traveling with family and we will spend almost three weeks split between Lamu, Nairobi...

24 Aug

Meditations #49

Dance for joy. This earth is a place of wonder.

24 Jul

Meditations #48

What is is that brings us such distances to such places, where a dorsal fin of ice floats in pristine stillness, and penguins play? This is...

25 Jun

Meditations #47

The Maasai say: You know where you are coming from but not where you are going. Mysteries in the well of the past. The strivings and yearnings,...

9 Jun

Garzon in Winter

pergola in winter- Garzon.   A short weekend in Pueblo Garzon. We spend four nights in Uruguay and make the most of it and love it.  The...

29 May

Meditations #46

Walk your journey. The rhythm of your footfall settles the mind and opens the heart. Time and space dissolve; a week and a stretch of road become...

18 May

Andalusia: Images from a Recce

Lustau Winery Jerez Training bull ring – Cortijo de la Sierra   Ole!   Picador   Spanish Horses – Cortijo de la Sierra Arcos...

18 May

Images from Trasierra

11 May

Trasierra – The Anti-Hotel

It’s too bad, in terms of trying to express the full impact that Trasierra has on its guests, that we are not yet able to release the scent...

26 Mar

Meditations #45

This is your Thailand…the graceful carving, the floating roof.  Your senses are prepared for these iconic images. But be awake to another...

26 Feb

Meditations #44

Travel can be hard. There is the desire to unhitch, to walk into the world unhindered, released from the familiar… but there is still...

1 Feb


It has always been about storytelling. Childhood is made magical by storytelling and impoverished by the lack of it.  Romance floats  on the...

24 Jan

Meditations #43

Some scars must be touched in order to understand the magnitude of the wound. To understand a people, their way of life, their dreams and their...

11 Jan

Pack for a Purpose

I am often asked by our travelers for advice on what to take as donations or gifts to their destinations.  It’s a hard question for me...

17 Dec

Meditations #42

May you sail smoothly in to the New Year May you have the curiosity and courage to look around the corner and beneath the surface; you will...

29 Nov


I am in a privileged position of sitting ringside at the ever-changing landscape of innovative hotel properties.  I travel to, I read about,...

26 Nov

Royal Chundu

At 3,540 kms long, the Zambezi River is the fourth-longest river in Africa and the largest that flows into the Indian Ocean from Africa. It...

12 Nov

Majorelle Shopping

The Majorelle Gardens are a must visit in town as is the revamped Berber Museum. Clever shopkeepers, knowing that they have a captive audience,...

5 Nov

Garzon’s Food & Wine Festival

Every year our pueblo plays its part in the Punta del Este Food &  Wine Festival.  The grand finale this year, in front of Francis Mallmann’s...

21 Sep


I have a long history in travel and consider myself quite good at my job.  Or, rather, should I say, at part of my job?  The part I am less...

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