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15 Jul


It amazes me that, loving sushi as I do, I continually find delicious Japanese restaurants that I have never heard of!  Last night I had an...

5 Jun

15 East Restaurant

There are so many delicious Japanese restaurants in New York..we are indeed fortunate.  Yesterday, however, I discovered one more on East 15th...

8 May

Two Best Things This Week

I have a  practice which is to think back, every evening, on the three best things I have experienced during the day.  And so, of the 21...

30 Apr

The Trees of Central Park

Find me. No, I’m not lost. I’m walking with Oliver in the northern reaches of Central Park and have just spotted a red-tailed hawk...

26 Apr

Haven’s Kitchen

<a href="http://lisalindblad.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/IMG_4498-1 cymbalta for anxiety.jpg”> We are looking for entertaining...

17 Oct


Must be getting old…In 1969 I moved to SoHo, a neighborhood inhabited by artists and (still) factory workers.  I was married to a painter,...

5 Oct

Acme Restaurant NYC

I often go on line to read about a new restaurant I am going to dine at, but, this time, I came in cold. The atmosphere was lively (read loud),...

24 Sep

A New York Day

Phase 3 of the High Line opened on Sunday, and the September 19th review by Michael Kimmelman in the NYTimes was so evocative that I had to...

30 Mar

EN Japanese Brasserie

In restaurants I usually go for the smaller, more intimate spaces rather than the splashy stage sets of which Jean George’s Spice Market...

19 Mar

Heavenly Horse

Officer Fang’s Barbarian Horse Barbarian steed, pride of Ferghana, All jags and angles, well-knit bones; Two ears cocked, sharp as bamboo...

18 Feb

It’s All in the Approach

The umpteenth snowfall, garbage hidden under mountains of plowed grunge, sidewalks slicked with black ice.  What to do?  Get yourself a dog...

28 Mar

Hotel Americano

Did you know that we have a Riviera too?  Yup, located between the High Line and the Hudson River and it has just become one sexy stretch of...

12 Nov

The White Light Festival

The White Light Festival, currently in its three-week run at New York’s Lincoln Center, aims to remind audiences of the power music has...

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First stop Tai Modern down by the railway tracks. Wonderful collection of bamboo baskets #santafenewmexico
With or without the annual International Folk Art Market in town, Santa Fe is heaven for art lovers #internationalfolkartmarket #canyonroadsantafe
For those of you who have generously wended your way up to the far reaches of Manhattan only to be met by a bottle stealing dog and an allergy producing cat.. this is Max in his great days. He died today, still a trooper, at 22. I would imagine one of the few cats who had his own engraved bowl thanks to @lemeuriceparis
Bravo Lamu for rejecting the coal plant. Saving one of the most special places on earth. Your commitment and bravery is a model for all