It’s All in the Approach

BY Lisa Lindblad

February 18, 2014

IMG_0935The umpteenth snowfall, garbage hidden under mountains of plowed grunge, sidewalks slicked with black ice.  What to do?  Get yourself a dog and head to the park!

There is nothing like sharing the joy of another to change the viewpoint.  Oliver, who finds something glorious in most seasons and weather, is my ticket to mental and emotional balance.  Before the start of the day, we have our moment playing snowdog, always with red ball in tow.

Unless you are stupid like me, attempt to climb icy hills to play ball with your dog, fall and break your leg, you will find this the best antidote to what some people call the winter blues.


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It amazes me that, loving sushi as I do, I continually find delicious Japanese restaurants that I have never heard of!  Last night I had an indulgent dinner with my son and daughter-in-law, served at Neta's sushi bar by Jay, a gentle Tibetan sushi chef with his own private stash of special fish.

The menu is large and unusual - uni porridge is just one such dish - but we, having just spent two weeks in Italy gorging on pasta, cured meats and cheese, were longing for nigiri.  Here were some of the outstanding bites: Spot prawn, Mediterranean sea bream, sweet shrimp, delicious yellowtail and, of course, uni,  from the West Coast, Chile or Japan.  Not only were the pieces prepared in those desirous small bites, but some were topped with finely grated lime rind, shiso leaf or crispy nori.  Delicious.

To be noted, the executive chef of Neta is Korean, Chef Sungchul Shim. Chef Shim brings a unique combination of Western and Eastern culinary craft and philosophy to Neta, honed from years of formal study and practical training in fine dining in Asia and the United States.

He began his career as a chef in the U.S. with an externship at the three Michelin star Le Bernardin and then continued to expand his knowledge working in many of New York’s finest kitchens, including Aureole, and Bouley among others. In less than three years, Chef Shim’s impressive skills and creativity secured him a position in the kitchen of the three Michelin star Per Se.

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