Hotel Americano

BY Lisa Lindblad

March 28, 2013

retouched110801shot01021FINALFINALQDid you know that we have a Riviera too?  Yup, located between the High Line and the Hudson River and it has just become one sexy stretch of urban coastline with the addition of Hotel Americano.  From the repertoire of Mexican architect, Enrique Norten and his group, Ten Arquitectos, it is a gorgeous piece of architecture and a very, very cool hotel.

Americano-Exterior-hi-resNot only does it have great style, it also has simplicity..three room types all of which feature platform beds in one form or another (my favorite, at least to look at..) and which are large for NY standards


square meal options

bento_alaskan_alldayfive for breakfast, five for lunch and five for dinner.

And, then, great dining, noshing, drinking and pleasuring spaces.  Take the pool…

retouched110731shot154134FINALQFor you non-New Yorkers, this is HUGE for us.  And the piscine dining restaurant enables the Chelsea Riviera to be spoken of in the same breath as the bund or the croisette.

110730shot13066_a1The only issue may be logistics in a city that can get snarled with traffic – it is at the edge of the grid.  But in a world where most great cities spread out like amoebas, one can hardly make a fuss over a few extra blocks West.

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The Whitby Hotel – New York’s Latest