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21 Jun

The Whitby Hotel – New York’s Latest

Tim and Kit Kemp, founders of Firmdale Hotels, have just opened their second NY property at 18 West 56th Street, 2 blocks from Central Park...

20 Apr

The Albertine

Located on the ground floor of the glorious Payne Whitney mansion that houses the Cultural Services of the French Embassy, the Albertine is...

7 Sep

Japanese Boro Textile and Indigo Traditions

The art of boro is one born of necessity—agricultural and working class families prolonged the lives of their clothing and cloth possessions...

8 May

Two Best Things This Week

I have a  practice which is to think back, every evening, on the three best things I have experienced during the day.  And so, of the 21...

26 Apr

Haven’s Kitchen

<a href="http://lisalindblad.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/IMG_4498-1 cymbalta for anxiety.jpg”> We are looking for entertaining...

24 Sep

A New York Day

Phase 3 of the High Line opened on Sunday, and the September 19th review by Michael Kimmelman in the NYTimes was so evocative that I had to...

19 Apr

Spring in New York

Harbingers of Spring..we all wait for them, no matter where we are.  A jonquil, the cherry blossom, pansies, tulips, jettisoned coats. I look...

28 Mar

Hotel Americano

Did you know that we have a Riviera too?  Yup, located between the High Line and the Hudson River and it has just become one sexy stretch of...

11 Dec

Christmas Windows

9 Jul

Summer’s Bounty

For some, a summer in New York is a fate worse than death.  It’s my idea of heaven – straight run from north to south in one traffic...

11 May

A Long Time Coming

We’ve all taken turns whinging about winter outlasting its welcome.  But Spring has landed in New York with a cool touch, brilliant light,...

21 Jul

The Corner Bookstore

Tuesday’s announcement that Amazon was now selling more electronic books than bound books was a sobering one.  I mourn the passing of...

17 Mar

St. Paddy’s Day in New York


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