The White Light Festival

BY Lisa Lindblad

November 12, 2010

The White Light Festival, currently in its three-week run at New York’s Lincoln Center, aims to remind audiences of the power music has to move our inner selves.   White LIght Director Jane Moss has been contemplating for years the toll modern life takes on our interior lives.  “…(R)ediscovering our deepest inner selves is the only route to true connection with others and humankind.”

The White Light Festival schedule explores musical expressions from around the world,  from different centuries and different traditions, that have the transcendent power to discover and define spirituality.  One of the musical traditions celebrated during these weeks is that of the Baltics.  Master violinist, Gideon Kremer, presented  powerful, joyous, sweet and yearning music last night that had the audience on its feet at the end, demanding encore performance which were graciously offered.  There were moments during the first two contemporary pieces that made me feel that the 24 young, talented musicians of the Kremerata Baltica were a school of fish swept to and fro by the ebb and flow of the glorious string compositions.  There was humor, originality and virtuosity throughout the evening as one musician after another moved in to the spotlight to play alongside Kremer.  Performed in the newly designed Alice Tully Hall, the evening was nourishing and beautiful.

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Meditations #79