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9 Jul

Tech Gamalan

I love gamelan music much to my sons’ bemusement.  And so it was surprising when Justin sent me the link below. http://tonematrix.audiotool.com/ And...

1 Mar

The Ghosts of Piramada

Like people, places have histories.  Sometimes those histories are exultantly visible and celebrate the creative genius of man.  Sometimes...

30 Nov

Red Rooster Harlem: Looking Back Looking Forward

We finally succeeded in getting a table at Marcus Samuelsson’s Red Rooster Harlem last night, a venue evocative of 1920’s Harlem...

26 Nov

A Passion for Tango

Buenos Aires is not unique in offering up expressions of private passion. But to find this intense love of tango is quintessentially “porteno”.

14 Oct


Jesse Kornbluth, the eminence grise behind Headbutler, has been writing about culture for decades as an author and magazine journalist.  He...

8 Jan

Brazil’s Coast

Manhattan has, as extraordinary as it is for us who live here to believe, been brought to its knees by a snowstorm.  The season’s leaden...

12 Nov

The White Light Festival

The White Light Festival, currently in its three-week run at New York’s Lincoln Center, aims to remind audiences of the power music has...

22 Feb

Toumani Diabate

On my first morning in Bamako, Mali’s capital, I awoke to the strings of the kora, the country’s national instrument, being played...

27 Oct

Cape Town Craft, Design and Art

I spent yesterday in the company of a most interesting Capetonian woman whose knowledge of her city’s history, architecture, food and art...

27 Sep

Mali-A Soul on the Road

Extraordinary travel is magic often created in the simplest of terms. 37 years ago this month I was driving across the face of Africa. I...

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