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23 Sep

A Restaurant That Is Also An Inn

Francis Mallmann’s Restaurant Garzon is arguably Uruguay’s best restaurant and one of the finest in all of South America.  But...

16 Oct

Rainy Day Horse – Garzon

13 Oct

Punta del Este Food & Wine Festival

Where else in the world would you find the bottom of your road blocked off by spreadeagled carcasses?  At the Punta del Este Food & Wine...

9 Mar

Pueblo Garzon Neighbor

Just a long weekend in Pueblo Garzon that was full of jaunts..to La Huella for Sunday lunch, of course, checking out Alium’s new look...

8 Dec

Details of a Life in Pueblo Garzon

There is much about Pueblo Garzon that is magical.  It speaks to us in many different tongues, but for me, in the still of the night when the...

9 Jun

Garzon in Winter

pergola in winter- Garzon.   A short weekend in Pueblo Garzon. We spend four nights in Uruguay and make the most of it and love it.  The...

15 Feb

Garzon Images

6 Jan

Alium Celebrates Five Years in Garzon

Alium, Pueblo Garzon’s clothing and home design shop, turned five this weekend. All of Garzon, plus admirers from as far away as Punta del...

5 Nov

Garzon’s Food & Wine Festival

Every year our pueblo plays its part in the Punta del Este Food &  Wine Festival.  The grand finale this year, in front of Francis Mallmann’s...

16 Jul

Garzon in Winter

Perhaps the true test of any kind of love is that it endures in all seasons.

29 May

Meditations #35

     The Five Senses of Garzon Image: fading grace, white dusty roads, peeling facades and rusting junkyards, bruised skies and rainbows Sound:...

26 Apr

Pueblo Garzon Updates

Our new watering hole… Our newest shopping venue… But the important things remain the same.

22 Jan

Horses of Garzon

22 Jan

Pueblo Garzon

There is this unusual aspect of my village in Uruguay..it is Sunday today and the two general stores in the village that offer any food are closed....

28 Aug

Winter Beauty in Garzon

Camelias: Pueblo Garzon, Uruguay

27 Aug

Garzon in Winter

4 Apr

The Traveler’s Dilemma

I was 21 when I went to live in Maasailand, an anthropology student, and thoroughly grounded in the 19th century classic fieldwork training...

2 Apr

Sheep Shearing in Garzon

A great brouhaha went up this morning bringing us into the road.  We found Julio and a fellow gaucho herding the village sheep out of town...

29 Mar

Garzon, Uruguay

I was in the hills last night, no more than 15 minutes from Pueblo Garzon and 40 minutes from Jose Ignacio, where I had lunched at La Huella,...

12 Feb

Lucia’s Lucifer

She is the best thing to happen to Garzon. When Lucia arrived in Garzon as chef Francis Mallmann’s protegee and personal assistant, she...

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