Lucia’s Lucifer

BY Lisa Lindblad

February 12, 2011

She is the best thing to happen to Garzon.

When Lucia arrived in Garzon as chef Francis Mallmann’s protegee and personal assistant, she felt something special about the pueblo; she fell in love with it.  She bought a casita on the edge of the village and, with her inimitable style, created a tiny home of great charm.  When it was clear that she was going to change her permanent address from Buenos Aires to Pueblo Garzon, she made her next great leap — she opened her own restaurant and called it Lucifer.

Lucifer, with its delicious, daily changing menu, welcomes its steady stream of diners to open air tables and cozy fires beautifully situated in the courtyard of Lu’s casita.  With a price point that is substantially less than at Francis Mallmann’s world renowned Restaurant Garzon across town on the Plaza, it has created for those who would drive the 30 minutes from Jose Ignacio – and for those of us who live in the pueblo itself – a dining option that we adore.  With her quirky clothes and hair coiffed a la Kahlo,  Lu welcomes her guests with a warmth and magnetic smile that is as delicious as her food.

Oh, yes.  And there is one other reason we love going to Lucifer.  How can you go through a day without a kiss from little Soma!

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The Mallmann Diaspora