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2 Sep

BookHampton: The East End’s Storied Gem

On the lovely east end of Long Island, a bookstore has been reinvigorated by a friend of mine, Carolyn Brody. About a year ago, Carolyn purchased...

25 Jul

Oliver in a New York Summer

There was a story this week on the cities with the happiest residents.  The top three were in Louisiana; the city with the most unhappy people...

10 Aug

Maca Kizi

There are these places – sexy, vibey, relaxed, stylish – that crop up the world over like distant cousins with a family resemblance. ...

2 Jun

A Cart in the Park

One of the joys of New York summers is the easier pace.  And one of the signposts of the easier pace are lazier park lunches surrounded by...

16 Dec

Ocean House Rhode Island

With almost 60 degree weather a week away from Christmas, I’m thinking summer and the glorious Northeast Coast.  And my favorite state...

2 Dec

Casa Zinc: Uruguay’s Most Surprising Hotel

There are these gems around the world, small, owner-operated hotel homes, tucked away up a mountain road or down a sandy beach lane, that you...

10 Sep

Les Maisons Marines d’Huchet

I have a bucket list of places that I want to see, and Huchet has been right up there since I first came across photos of it.  It has that...

9 Jul

Summer’s Bounty

For some, a summer in New York is a fate worse than death.  It’s my idea of heaven – straight run from north to south in one traffic...

12 Feb

Lucia’s Lucifer

She is the best thing to happen to Garzon. When Lucia arrived in Garzon as chef Francis Mallmann’s protegee and personal assistant, she...

9 Feb

Playa Vik Jose Ignacio, Uruguay

Sister property to the ranch-like Estancia Vik, Playa Vik opened in 2010 in the oceanfront resort town of José Ignacio, Uruguay, a calmer alternative...

19 Sep

Positano – The Story of Place

The towns and villages of the Amalfi Coast are strung like beads along one of the most remarkable chains in the world – the Amalfi Drive....

7 Sep

Monocle breaks the mold – again

Everyone is talking about the pocket store Monocle has opened in Manhattan’s West Village with its carefully (and, thus far, sparsely)...

19 Jun

A New York Weekend

Summer has arrived in New York City and, what that means to die-hard New Yorkers, is bliss.   Finally, we get to take our city back —...

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Challenging times in my city and country but there is much beauty too
This is a balustrade i came across on a walk with Mabel in Central Park.
A new season upon us. It feels livelier and noisier today (not sure I like it!) as the city begins to wake as if from a long sleep or a frigid winter. Taking one day at a time we welcome what is to come.
Last day at the beach and in freedom.
A day at the beach with Ollie and Mabel