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26 Apr

Meditations #73

A Pocket Trip The recipe: A nonstop flight A 4-night stay One destination And a singular objective The result: A serendipitous encounter An...

7 Apr

The Cotswolds

Each Cotswold village, it seems, is more picturesque than the last, and the rolling countryside that links them, lined with thick hedgerows...

30 May

Images From a Quick Trip to France

Countryside, Champagne-Ardenne region of France 13th c doors of Notre Dame de Villeneuve l’Archeveque classified as a Monument Historique As...

14 Feb

In The Hills of Garzon

A drive up into the hills around Garzon to see the vineyards of Colinas de Garzon brought me face to face with him. And after I scratched his...

9 Aug


I’m in my “small is beautiful” phase and Anopura, this charming 2 guest suite, 1 tent country house in Rajasthan’s Aravalli...

15 Mar

Mangala Heritage Home

Drive south on the Coromandel Coast, passing the exquisite shore temples of Mahabalipuram, on down past Auroville, Aurobindo’s ashram,...

16 Dec

Ocean House Rhode Island

With almost 60 degree weather a week away from Christmas, I’m thinking summer and the glorious Northeast Coast.  And my favorite state...

11 Oct

Villa Gella (2)

A few months back I wrote a piece on a house that I had heard raves about.  Located at 5500 feet in the Rhodope mountains of southern Bulgaria,...

10 Oct

Coworth Park

I am told that Coworth Park’s main house once belonged to the Sheriff of Nottingham, that legendary figure who was tasked with capturing...

5 Oct


I have recently returned from an intriguing long weekend in Bulgaria, a country with diverse landscapes, deep history, magnificent treasures,...

2 May

Willing Foot Takes You to Tuscany’s Best

Willing Foot, the “exclusive, entirely innovative way to experience any destination” (Maria Schollenbarger) offers a one-day itinerary...

21 Aug

The Quiet of the Land

I spend some of my favorite days in a rural village in Uruguay.  I have written about the special magic of Garzon before – how it manages...

29 Sep

Cornucopia: An Inspiring Magazine

My taste for magazines has waned in the recent past.  Perhaps it is that thumbing magazine pages has become the luxurious occupation of the...

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