BY Lisa Lindblad

August 9, 2012

I’m in my “small is beautiful” phase and Anopura, this charming 2 guest suite, 1 tent country house in Rajasthan’s Aravalli hills, takes small to a new level.

Two suites, a Rajasthani tent, extraordinary local staff, aesthetic details that are pure eye candy, delicious food.  What more can one ask for?  Built by Belgium’s ex- Honorary Consul in Marrakesh, this charming abode with lovely swimming pool sits 45 minutes from Jaipur.  The owners are intimately involved in their village’s life, building school rooms and toilets, providing medicines, maintaining the village temple, even supporting local cricket teams.  They are now working on connecting the village to running water.

Perfectly situated as a stop off between Agra and Jaipur – or after a stay in Jaipur – this is the place that provides respite from the press of Indian crowds, that provides insight in to the culture of village India, that offers the opportunity to be a part of countryside life.

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A Pocket Trip

The recipe:

A nonstop flight

A 4-night stay

One destination

And a singular objective

The result:

A serendipitous encounter

An unforgettable meal

A drop of sun on a gray winter canvas

Adventure, knowledge, laughter

And, of course, memories

Location:  Cotswolds, Engand


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Meditations #73