Mangala Heritage Home

BY Lisa Lindblad

March 15, 2012

Drive south on the Coromandel Coast, passing the exquisite shore temples of Mahabalipuram, on down past Auroville, Aurobindo’s ashram, and pause at Pondicherry, a charming city of Indian French fusion.  Turn west here and begin driving through the heartland of Tamil Nadu, a land of temples and villages, ancient, vibrant and enduring.

Arrive at Mangala Heritage Home, a 5-room stylish oasis, that welcomes with great hospitality and guides guests with intelligence and sensibility.

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A Pocket Trip

The recipe:

A nonstop flight

A 4-night stay

One destination

And a singular objective

The result:

A serendipitous encounter

An unforgettable meal

A drop of sun on a gray winter canvas

Adventure, knowledge, laughter

And, of course, memories

Location:  Cotswolds, Engand


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Meditations #73