Cornucopia: An Inspiring Magazine

BY Lisa Lindblad

September 29, 2009

My taste for magazines has waned in the recent past.  Perhaps it is that thumbing magazine pages has become the luxurious occupation of the non-working person; perhaps it is the fault of the Kindle which,though I love it, takes some of the emotional and aesthetic pleasure away from flipping through.  Or, it could be that magazines, themselves, have changed, that they have become less relevant in a world that offers easy information in so many places.

There are a few magazines, however, that have become indispensable in my life and one of these is Cornucopia.  Subititled Turkey for Connoisseurs, in some ways it reminds me of the old Realites Magazine, beautiful production, fabulous photography, good paper, interesting.  Cornucopia focuses entirely on Turkey and many issues are devoted to a single subject — Turkish gardens, Istanbul’s hammams, Anatolia’s countryside, the Black Sea, Ottoman costume — so that one gets a deep, rich taste of this wonderful country and culture.

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A child's travels begin in the imagination,

down the rabbit hole,

in Mr. McGregor's garden,

under the floorboards,

across a treasure island.

We never forget our first destinations, the stories that have often taken us there

and the frissons of emotion - fear, wonder, surprise, warmth - that subtly color

every place we go thereafter.

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Meditations #77