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18 Mar

Bending Sticks and Making Magic

Patrick Dougherty – Born in Oklahoma in 1945, Dougherty was raised in North Carolina. He earned a B.A. in English from the University of...

23 Aug

Meditations #58

An architect builds in a particular geography and at a specific moment in history.  It may not be our geography or our history and so, to understand...

26 Mar

Meditations #45

This is your Thailand…the graceful carving, the floating roof.  Your senses are prepared for these iconic images. But be awake to another...

15 Mar


“The Riviera of the East”, Pondicherry is a haven of French style located on the southeast coast of India. The city was designed...

2 Mar

The Old & The New

A 500-year old Shinto shrine at the foot of the new Prudential Financial building in central Tokyo.

1 Mar

Morning Shinto Visit

Just behind the serenely beautiful Capitol Hotel Tokyu where I am staying is a charming Japanese Garden and an old Shinto Shrine. An early riser,...

15 Feb

Doha’s Museum of Islamic Art

I.M. Pei was coaxed out of retirement at the age of 91 to undertake the building of Doha’s Museum of Islamic Art.  After traveling through...

8 Sep

Bordeaux: UNESCO World Heritage Site

Thanks to the unity of its urban and architectural expression, both classical and neoclassical and unchanged stylistically over the last two...

6 Feb

Meditations #19

A glimpse of irresistible Paris, through the window, through the mind’s eye. Architecture first, then art, food, light next.It is often...

23 Jan

Doha’s Pearl: Museum of Islamic Art

I.M. Pei’s Museum of Islamic Art is one of the most stunning installations I have ever seen.  Shadow and light, surrounded by water, and...

29 Sep

Cornucopia: An Inspiring Magazine

My taste for magazines has waned in the recent past.  Perhaps it is that thumbing magazine pages has become the luxurious occupation of the...

27 Sep

Meditations on Travel #2

Man’s heavy footprint has scarred much of this earth. His hand, though, with tapering fingers and opposable thumb, coupled with a brain...

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