Coworth Park

BY Lisa Lindblad

October 10, 2011

I am told that Coworth Park’s main house once belonged to the Sheriff of Nottingham, that legendary figure who was tasked with capturing Robin Hood.

He lived nicely in this pretty building which now is the site for reception to the lovely country house hotel, Coworth Park, 30 divinely comfortable rooms and suites,  the acclaimed restaurant of Michelin starred John Campbell, and some state of the art meeting rooms out of view on the lowest floor.  There is an additional, less formal, restaurant, The Barn, a three minute walk or buggy ride away near the old stables which house thirty more charming bedrooms. And, finally, you have the Dower House, a comfortable, cozy three-bedroom house, encircled by a stone wall and giving on to a pond where swans swan around.

There are so many appealing features about Coworth Park is it hard to know where to start.  That it is a mere 20-minute drive from Heathrow is huge should  you be between flights with only a night to spare.  That the drive to Coworth takes you through some quintessential English countryside rather than down the M1 is equally appealing.  That, once on property, you have glorious meadows of wildflowers and manicured polo fields in every view.

That you have one of the loveliest spas in an architecturally remarkable building is a huge draw and an equestrian center geared to novices as well as to polo players is an added attraction for families (there is also a charming children’s center with its own staff).

This is a wonderful retreat, whether as a stopover or as a destination in itself, whether as a romantic stay or a family holiday.

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The Whitby Hotel – New York’s Latest