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15 Oct

Sarara: A Model Community-Owned Camp

A beautifully smooth rock outcrop bowl and spring water were the deciding factors…Piers and Hilary  Bastard knew that this was the perfect...

10 Oct

There’s a Grevy in Our Garden

Zoe arrived at Sirikoi, the beautiful, small, private camp of Sue and Willie Roberts, located at the center of Northern Kenya’s Lewa Wildlife...

5 Oct

The Great Affair

Robert Louis Stevenson said, “I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. ” It took me a long time to admit that, while I am thrilled...

1 Oct

Turkish Flavours

  Selin Rozanes is the kind of Turkish Mother you would like to have grown up with…warm, smart, pragmatic — and a superb cook....

30 Sep

Magpie Magic!

  A Magpie Double Tiered Grande Dame Chandelier constructed from reclaimed plastic and trinkets. Photo Credit:  Sean Daniel www.magpiehomefineware.co.za

28 Sep

Garzon: The Life of a Village

In 1940, the village of Garzon was, in fact, a fairly robust town of 2,000 who gained a comfortable existence working in the wheat mill.  It...

27 Sep

Mali-A Soul on the Road

Extraordinary travel is magic often created in the simplest of terms. 37 years ago this month I was driving across the face of Africa. I...

27 Sep

Meditations on Travel #1

Unexpected encounters, animal or human, are the great pleasures of travel. Face to face, often intimate, frequently breathtaking, they teach...

27 Sep

Meditations on Travel #2

Man’s heavy footprint has scarred much of this earth. His hand, though, with tapering fingers and opposable thumb, coupled with a brain...

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