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7 Sep

Japanese Boro Textile and Indigo Traditions

The art of boro is one born of necessity—agricultural and working class families prolonged the lives of their clothing and cloth possessions...

28 Jun

Bags – To the Market

Waxed cotton, light as a feather, baby change purse as charming as its parent…hails from Paris (natch), but designed by Bess Nielsen of...

16 Apr

The Plains Indians: Artists Of Earth and Sky

A stunningly beautiful, moving and, ultimately, sobering exhibition of Plains Indian masterworks is a must see at the Metropolitan Museum of...

12 Jul

Shopping the World

Oh, I love the internet!  SHOP LATITUDE has come in to my box for months, and it has always been axed by my delete button.  Until yesterday....

29 Sep

The Met

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is New York’s preeminent storehouse of riches.  Fronting Fifth Avenue in the lower 80’s and backing...

12 Nov

Florence Teillet

I have written in the past about Florence Teillet and her glorious hand woven textiles. She is worth many return postings just a she is worth...

6 Sep

Scouting for Kuba Cloth

The traders came from the Congo laden with Kuba. Gorgeous pieces, we laid them out in the garden and began to negotiate.

29 Aug

African Heritage (2)

28 Aug

Alan Donovan – African Heritage

On the eve of my departure for Kenya, my heart place, I offer you a glimpse of what makes this country and this continent so unique. I first...

27 Oct

Hand/Eye Magazine

I first met Keith Recker when I was serving on the Board of Directors of Aid To Artisans, that remarkable organization which, under the stewardship...

25 Sep

Africa’s Legendary Leaders

For me as a New Yorker, the greatest compensation for the passing of summer and long days spent outside are the new art shows that draw me into...

17 Nov

MAD Goes African

The Museum of Arts and Design has opened its Global Africa Project, a blockbuster show of African and African-inspired art and craftwork.  Many...

21 Jan

Creative Women

I met Ellen Dorsch a number of years back in the Handmade section of the biannual NY Gift Show, a wonderful, wide display of textured...

27 Sep

Mali-A Soul on the Road

Extraordinary travel is magic often created in the simplest of terms. 37 years ago this month I was driving across the face of Africa. I...

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