The Met

BY Lisa Lindblad

September 29, 2013


The Metropolitan Museum of Art is New York’s preeminent storehouse of riches.  Fronting Fifth Avenue in the lower 80’s and backing on to a glorious Central Park, The Met fills many spaces in the lives of New Yorkers.  On sunny days the graded steps to its main entrance become part sunbathing perch, part amphitheater.  There is always some spontaneous performance underway – a singing duet or breakdancer – and the food trucks serving up falafel, hot dogs and ice cream step in to fill the lunch break.

On grim days – depressing because of lowering skies or low spirits – the Met is a nurturing, enlightening, wildly encouraging environment.  Just to wander the halls can shift the inner darkness, making room for optimism and appreciation.  The ancientness of those Greek heads and amphoras. The beauty of Queen Tiye’s jasper head. The design detail in the Hall of Armor. The peace in the beautifully hung European painting rooms.  The loveliness of Bellini’s Madonna. The mystery in the rolls of linen mummy wrappings.  The excitement in new exhibitions, like the Textiles Show currently drawing crowds.  You can visit or revisit any corner of this vast museum and come out feeling lighter.

And if you don’t want to see the textiles or amaphoras, the armor or Astor Court, European painting or Islamic galleries, just to sit in the cool of the grand marble reception hall and watch the coming and going of all nationalities and all ages is an experience in itself.

And, to top it all off, if you make this stop on a weekly basis, you will have the great pleasure of seeing 5 of the largest, most stunning floral arrangements in New York.  Created on a weekly basis by designer Remco van Vliet, these 5-10 foot arrangements are made possible by a fund created by Reader’s  Digest founder Lila Acheson Wallace.

Photos below from the current Textile Exhibit



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Art & Design Flourishing in Cape Town