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2 Sep

Revisionist History: Gladwell Explains Things to People

“Think with your eyes, feel with your ears,” says best-selling author, Malcolm Gladwell.  It’s all ears when you indulge...

24 Jan

The Empty Quarter

When I was in my early 20’s, I shared a tented camp for many months in Kenya’s Maasai Mara with my first husband, a filmmaker.  We...

15 Nov


Piazza del Duomo An hour and a half by road from Milan is the small, elegant and refined city of Parma.  In this foodie age it is probably...

14 Jun

NY’s Central Park From Another Viewpoint

David Cobb Craig is a journalist, editor, photographer and former guide for the Central Park Conservancy.  He is also a long time friend of...

25 Jun

Meditations #47

The Maasai say: You know where you are coming from but not where you are going. Mysteries in the well of the past. The strivings and yearnings,...

26 Jan


I was wrong. Who knows where ones first impressions come from.  Oriana Fallaci, a woman I admired hugely for her courage to speak her mind,...

7 Jun

Syria’s Treasures – Aleppo & Beyond

  When Rome was built in 750 BC, Aleppo was already 2500 years old. UNESCO has registered Aleppo as a human heritage site along with other...

5 Apr

Buda and Pest

The Danube runs through this architecturally stunning city, separating the 7 hills that make up Buda from the flat (formerly agricultural) plain...

27 Oct

Fugitive’s Drift – A Trip to the Anglo-Zulu Battlefields

   The Zulu War of 1879 is famous throughout the English-speakingworld for the great battles of Isandlwana and Rorke’s Drift. The...

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