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21 Dec

Villa Nocetta

Villa Nocetta, a new, exclusive-use property in the center of Rome, is a wonderful addition to the hotel scene in this city. How many times...

29 Nov


I am in a privileged position of sitting ringside at the ever-changing landscape of innovative hotel properties.  I travel to, I read about,...

7 Sep

Nairobi Vignettes (2)

1 Sep

Nairobi Life

    Coming back to Nairobi is to come home. The smell of early morning fog, birdsong transected by the passage of small aircraft,...

6 Mar

Tea Ceremony

One of the sweetest experiences of this week was an intimate tea ceremony with Tea Master Kazunari Nakamichi, proprietor of Beniya Mukayu, in...

30 Oct

Majorelle Update

The sites of Marrakech can be seen in one morning.  While they tell a complex story that underpins much of what enchants travelers to this city...

7 Aug

The Lessons of Ananda

It takes time to see.  It takes time to be calm enough, to be comfortable enough, to forget the me and to see the other.  A week at Ananda...

12 Oct

The Olive Tree Whisperer

Aaron Hojman – Aaron of Casa Zinc and La Barra’s Trading Post, Aaron of the capricious, unerring eye and lightening smile, said to...

26 Sep

Villa San Michele: Grande Dame of Florence

The Grande Dame of Florence’s hotels is the Villa San Michele, located a short ten minute drive from the city center on the lush hillside...

20 Sep

A Hotel That is Not a Hotel…

In 1902, one Otto Bierbaum, midway through his Grand Tour to Italy’s South, wrote, “A hotel, that is not a hotel, but offers every...

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