Tea Ceremony

BY Lisa Lindblad

March 6, 2012

One of the sweetest experiences of this week was an intimate tea ceremony with Tea Master Kazunari Nakamichi, proprietor of Beniya Mukayu, in his tiny garden tea house. The movements are fluid and precise, and the sense of communion with the master moving. These ceremonies with tea or incense are windows on to a culture that is fascinating and complex.

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Villa Nocetta, a new, exclusive-use property in the center of Rome, is a wonderful addition to the hotel scene in this city. How many times have I planned summer Roman stays for families and wavered over my choice of a hotel. Rome can be hot and uncomfortable in the summer, yet it is, in my view, one of the most fascinating cities in the world. We make magic in Rome for our travelers but we realize that, even with extraordinary access to rich cultural adventures, the day should end in a swimming pool and the cooling green of a garden.

This is where Villa Nocetta comes in. A six suite private villa surrounded by its own gardens and overlooking the parklands of the Villa Doria Pamphili, it has a gorgeous pool, pretty rooms, delicious food and good service.

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Villa Nocetta