The Lessons of Ananda

BY Lisa Lindblad

August 7, 2011

It takes time to see.  It takes time to be calm enough, to be comfortable enough, to forget the me and to see the other.  A week at Ananda is not enough, but it does open the window a crack and the shaft of light that streams in is a stunning awakening.  And so, on my departure, I try to gather the strands of what I have seen that have moved me, the pieces that I want to take away.

The charm of birdsong in a quiet world

Monsoon season in the hills which brings, along with humidity and torrential rains, a constant swirl of cloud and mist such that you feel like an angel floating in heaven

The value of a smile both given and received

Generosity and selflessness

The pleasure of conversing with those you don’t know; how much you learn about them and how much softer, wider, it makes you feel

The importance of unplugging yourself

The 6AM hour – the hour of study, of focus, of thought

Hot water with lemon or ginger or herbal powders

The simplicity of Hatha yoga.  The complexity of Vedanta. The naturalness of Ayurveda.  The bliss of Meditation

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Villa Nocetta, a new, exclusive-use property in the center of Rome, is a wonderful addition to the hotel scene in this city. How many times have I planned summer Roman stays for families and wavered over my choice of a hotel. Rome can be hot and uncomfortable in the summer, yet it is, in my view, one of the most fascinating cities in the world. We make magic in Rome for our travelers but we realize that, even with extraordinary access to rich cultural adventures, the day should end in a swimming pool and the cooling green of a garden.

This is where Villa Nocetta comes in. A six suite private villa surrounded by its own gardens and overlooking the parklands of the Villa Doria Pamphili, it has a gorgeous pool, pretty rooms, delicious food and good service.

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Villa Nocetta