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26 Nov

Royal Chundu

At 3,540 kms long, the Zambezi River is the fourth-longest river in Africa and the largest that flows into the Indian Ocean from Africa. It...

13 Nov

Campi Ya Kanzi

I had the opportunity recently to reconnect with Luca and Antonella Belpietro, the passion behind Campi ya Kanzi, their lovely camp in Hemingway’s...

16 Mar

Willing Foot Goes to East Africa

Willing Foot, the exciting purveyor of smart, authentic, unique itineraries for the world, has just launched four new itineraries for Tanzania...

9 Mar

Shambala Game Reserve Opens Zulu Camp

A really lovely experience has become available 45 minutes by helicopter and 2 hours by road from South Africa’s Johannesburg.  Shambala,...

22 Oct

Meditations on Travel #15

Poised between two worlds: the sedentary one of village and farm, the other, on the hoof, across an ocean of sand. If the desert appears empty,...

3 Aug

Galapagos Safari Camp

It was too much to believe, that you could find a proper (read “real”) safari camp anywhere else beside East Africa – and here we are...

28 Jul

The Tree Where Man Was Born

On the open plains of the southern Serengeti stands a massive fig tree.  It’s trunk measures over 20 feet around, and its capacious limbs,...

25 Jul

Meditations #12

It is the journey that’s important, be it a pilgrimage for the soul or a caravan for the coffers. The earth is marked with the tracery of...

12 Jul

Another Time

Kenya’s Maasai Mara, 1974-1976:  camped between the Olareorok and Njagatiak Rivers, a 4-hour, Maasai-stride from Governor’s Camp;...

11 Feb

Taj Gone Wild

One of the great traps that travel designers fall in to when planning trips in countries with solid gold reputations is to do the same old,...

15 Oct

Sarara: A Model Community-Owned Camp

A beautifully smooth rock outcrop bowl and spring water were the deciding factors…Piers and Hilary  Bastard knew that this was the perfect...

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