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18 Aug

Beautiful Bahamas

I always forget just how beautiful, pristine and naturally rich the Bahamas are.  We travel halfway around the world looking for gorgeous beaches...

31 Jul

Birds of Prey

I have become fascinated by birds of prey.  I have always loved seeing eagles riding the thermals across the African plains, but it wasn’t...

11 Jul

A Weekend in England’s Lake District

Located two hours north of Manchester is England’s beautiful Lake District. While the region has been beloved by the British for centuries...

7 Jul

Oliver – 2004-2017

From one of his many, many friends, Amber: While no words can truly express what Oliver was, I can only try. A soul as deep as an ocean The...

6 Jul

Securing the Great Migration

The Serengeti-Mara ecosystem in Tanzania supports the most diverse migration of grazing mammals on earth. As anyone who has witnessed this spectacular...

3 Jul

Dustin Yellin’s Passion

I spent yesterday with Dustin Yellin, arguably one of the most influential contemporary artists around.  His pieces are fascinating –...

21 Jun

The Whitby Hotel – New York’s Latest

Tim and Kit Kemp, founders of Firmdale Hotels, have just opened their second NY property at 18 West 56th Street, 2 blocks from Central Park...

30 May

The Mallmann Diaspora

Metta, Norberto Piattoni’s Fort Green neighborhood restaurant Francis Mallmann, the revered Argentinian chef made famous by his many restaurants...

29 May

Friday Evenings in New York

  Sol LeWitt’s wall Friday evening, the end of a week of work,  good work that I enjoy. Yet planning travel for people is work...

25 May

Meditations #82

It is there in the eyes of a face different from ours halfway around the globe, in the fingertips of an artisan’s handshake, in the steady...

11 May

Singita Leopard

It’s not unusual that animals will go to the airstrip as dusk falls and the air temperatures cool, for the tarmac retains the heat of...

11 May

Meditations #81

This place, an echo from the past, materializing somewhere between my remembering and forgetting. Bliss is a home that leaves no footprint.

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