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15 Mar

Azul: Great Vibe

I just celebrated a birthday and chose, as the dinner venue for my group of 8 friends, a favorite of mine, LES restaurant Azul. I first came...

7 Mar

Montevideo, Again

I don’t usually reprint other people’s articles, and I rarely write about the same place more than once.  Montevideo, however, is...

18 Feb


One of the defining features of Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park are the kopjes, granitic rocky outcrops, which dot the sea of grass....

12 Feb

Lucia’s Lucifer

She is the best thing to happen to Garzon. When Lucia arrived in Garzon as chef Francis Mallmann’s protegee and personal assistant, she...

17 Oct

Two South American Classics

We have found two classic purveyors who we never fail to  visit on our trips to Argentina and Uruguay. Benitez is the talabarteria where I...

13 Oct

Punta del Diablo

An hour and a half from our home in Pueblo Garzon, straight up the Atlantic Coast on the way to southern Brazil, is the slightly trashy, quite...

21 Aug

The Quiet of the Land

I spend some of my favorite days in a rural village in Uruguay.  I have written about the special magic of Garzon before – how it manages...

16 Dec

Looking Back/Looking Forward

These wonderful holiday weeks are unique – the time of the year when, almost simultaneously, we reflect on past months and anticipate...

28 Sep

Garzon: The Life of a Village

In 1940, the village of Garzon was, in fact, a fairly robust town of 2,000 who gained a comfortable existence working in the wheat mill.  It...

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