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21 Sep

Meditations #77

A child’s travels begin in the imagination, down the rabbit hole, in Mr. McGregor’s garden, under the floorboards, across a treasure...

21 Jul

Meditations #76

In the twilight of the past, history cannot be distinguished from myth. The mists have opened and closed over this rock that rises like an emerald...

5 Sep

Lamu Cheat Sheet

Here is my Lamu cheat sheet – Overview:  While many now opt for an end to their safari in a private house in the blander Watamu or Malindi...

4 Sep


When I travel I spend a good deal of time making sense of change – the before and the after, the old and the new, the process of aging....

3 Sep


Sunrise in the mangrove channels, painted sail bowed with the morning breeze. We are out for a day of line fishing with Omar and Ali in the...

2 Sep


Epicenter of Swahili culture that mixes Arab and African aesthetics and flavors, Lamu is an island of deep history. I have been coming here for...

1 Sep

Day 1 Nairobi

We arrived to a remarkably smoothly run burned out airport. The welcome tents have to be the most beautiful anywhere but to be expected in this...

25 Aug

Kenya 2013

In a week’s time I will be back in Kenya.  I am traveling with family and we will spend almost three weeks split between Lamu, Nairobi...

18 Oct

Song Saa

Song Saa is a glorious new property that has opened 30 minutes off the coast of Cambodia in the Gulf of Thailand.  Developed by a charming...

11 Nov

Fogo Island

Fogo Island:  The landscape is startling and honest, unsentimental and unafraid.  The weather is a member of the community…the winds...

22 Sep

Meditations #27

Most of us inhabit the middle zone. The challenge is to stretch to the limit of our capacity, to reach deep into the fertile valleys of our imagination,...

3 Mar

Willing Foot Awards Capri

In celebration of its launch, Lisa Lindblad’s Willing Foot has announced the winner of its inaugural contest.  Averell has won a three-day...

26 Dec

Meditations #16

There is a Corsican saying: “If you live in Corsica, when you die and go to Paradise, you will be disappointed.” Black and green schist,...

15 Dec

Corsica – Terra Corsa

Glancing at my neighbor’s newspaper, Corse Matin, on my flight from Nice to Calvi,  I read the banner “Trois morts en Haut Corse” –...

13 Dec

Corsica Kalliste

The Greeks called it Kalliste, “the most beautiful.” The 400,000 who live on Corsica swell to 2 million in the summer season.  But...

12 Dec


There is a saying, “If you live in Corsica, when you die and go to Paradise, you will be disappointed.” At 180 kilometers long and...

21 Sep

Chasing Memories

I first went to Capri when I was 6.  A family friend lived on Via Tuoro, and we rented a modest house just above the Marina Piccola from Laetizia...

7 Aug

Harbour Island

This island draws one back again and again.  Its fine, pink sand beach is considered one of the best in the Bahamas and the warm, incredibly...

14 Jul

Masseria San Giuliano

On the eastern coast of Sicily, between Catania and Siracusa, one face to the mountain and the other to the sea, gentled by vineyards  and rolling...

19 Jan

Sable Island Horses

On a narrow sandbar, located 300 km southeast of Halifax, untold numbers of ships have been wrecked.  It is imagined that a pair of horses...

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This is a balustrade i came across on a walk with Mabel in Central Park.
A new season upon us. It feels livelier and noisier today (not sure I like it!) as the city begins to wake as if from a long sleep or a frigid winter. Taking one day at a time we welcome what is to come.
Last day at the beach and in freedom.
A day at the beach with Ollie and Mabel
Finn, the peaceful center in the storm.