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20 Jul

Zuma Wabi-Sabi

Layers of creativity always astound me.  Here you start with a restaurant of note, a great chef, his beautiful food, a photographer’s...

9 Jul


Oh my…it’s sooo good!  On a stultifyingly hot evening last week we snagged a table at RedFarm and ordered widely across the menu...

2 Jun

A Cart in the Park

One of the joys of New York summers is the easier pace.  And one of the signposts of the easier pace are lazier park lunches surrounded by...

7 May

Oh New Orleans!

Going to New Orleans is like going to another country. The city has a style and a sense of self utterly its own.  Never is the generous character...

5 Apr


Smorgasburg makes it’s triumphant return to the Williamsburg waterfront this Saturday, offering creative prepared foods from purveyors...

2 Mar

The Old & The New

A 500-year old Shinto shrine at the foot of the new Prudential Financial building in central Tokyo.

2 Mar

A Day in Tokyo

A day in Tokyo that brought together Buddhism, a pocket garden, Mitsukoshi’s remarkable Food Court and my pretty impressive sushi lunch...

1 Mar

Morning Shinto Visit

Just behind the serenely beautiful Capitol Hotel Tokyu where I am staying is a charming Japanese Garden and an old Shinto Shrine. An early riser,...

6 Jan

The Fat Radish

A wonderfully rustic, brick-faced nook serving up unusual and delicious food was the setting for my dinner last night.  All those humble foods...

30 Nov

Red Rooster Harlem: Looking Back Looking Forward

We finally succeeded in getting a table at Marcus Samuelsson’s Red Rooster Harlem last night, a venue evocative of 1920’s Harlem...

7 Nov

San Lorenzo Mountain Lodge

I have just returned from an annual travel conference which affords a selective group of travel designers to connect with an equally interesting...

29 Oct


Delicious restaurant in an even more attractive hotel – Bab Hotel www.babhotelmarrakech.comBab Hotel

28 Oct

La Grande Place

  I have been coming to Place Djemaa el-Fna for 40 years and I can honestly say that, apart from the foreigners trailing through with guide...

20 Oct

New Nordic Cookout

Saturday’s upcoming New Nordic Cookout at New York’s largest greenmarket is further testimony to the huge popularity of ingredients,...

10 Sep

Les Maisons Marines d’Huchet

I have a bucket list of places that I want to see, and Huchet has been right up there since I first came across photos of it.  It has that...

7 Sep

Gardens of Life: Eugenie-Les-Bains

There is a classic in the Southwest of France, 1. 5 hours from the renewed city of Bordeaux, an hour from Pau at the foot of the Pyrenees and...

30 Aug

Tertulia – Buen Provecho!

It was like greeting an old friend. Last night, dining at Tertulia, I watched Chef Seamus Mullen stoking his fire, winding up and down the grill...

13 Aug

Kuma Inn – How To Eat

There’s no sign – or, rather, a hand written wonky sign on a grungy street (sorry Ludlow) – so it has been under the radar...

20 Jun


A number of years ago I was cruising the coast of Turkey and we sailed by a boat so totally unique and stylish that I have never forgotten her....

24 May

Meditations #23

Food is one of travel’s most seductive pleasures. A good cook finds the voice in the ingredients he uses, a voice that echoes their particular...

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