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7 Apr

The Cotswolds

Each Cotswold village, it seems, is more picturesque than the last, and the rolling countryside that links them, lined with thick hedgerows...

20 Jul

Saipua: Dream Flowers

I adore flowers and have rarely seen such hauntingly beautiful arrangements as Saipua creates.  Started in 2006, Sarah is a self-taught flower...

29 Mar

The Nordic Touch

Even though winter is longer than for us in the US Northeast, it seems to wear less on the spirit here These are taxi driver numbers (and all...

25 Jul

Oliver in a New York Summer

There was a story this week on the cities with the happiest residents.  The top three were in Louisiana; the city with the most unhappy people...

19 Apr

Spring in New York

Harbingers of Spring..we all wait for them, no matter where we are.  A jonquil, the cherry blossom, pansies, tulips, jettisoned coats. I look...

1 Oct

Copenhagen’s Torvehallerne Market

Manfred’s and Restaurant Relae, owned by Noma alums and located in the hip Norrebro neighborhood, attract serious foodies looking for...

7 Sep

Nairobi Vignettes (1)

28 Aug

Winter Beauty in Garzon

Camelias: Pueblo Garzon, Uruguay

9 Jul

Summer’s Bounty

For some, a summer in New York is a fate worse than death.  It’s my idea of heaven – straight run from north to south in one traffic...

11 May

A Long Time Coming

We’ve all taken turns whinging about winter outlasting its welcome.  But Spring has landed in New York with a cool touch, brilliant light,...

17 May

The Prized Possession

One of the aspects of getting older that I quite like is the fact that, at a steady pace, I am filling my boxes of “favorite things.”...

9 Apr

france’s Provence

There is a wonderful warm feeling arriving back in Provence and a jolt that  reminds me how much I miss France’s countryside.  The warmth...

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