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6 Jul

Securing the Great Migration

The Serengeti-Mara ecosystem in Tanzania supports the most diverse migration of grazing mammals on earth. As anyone who has witnessed this spectacular...

12 Sep

Nick Brandt: Big Life Foundation

Big Life was co-founded by photographer Nick Brandt and award-winning conservationist Richard Bonham in September 2010. Since its inception,...

12 Sep

Nick Brandt: Inherit the Dust

Many wonderful photographers have documented the African bush and its wildlife, but no one’s work, in my book, is as honest, as stunningly...

28 May

Iceland: An Island Still Becoming

New York-Rejkyavik is a mere 4h37m, a remarkably short time in which to travel to a virtual moon. We all know that NASA sent its astronauts...

18 Dec

Meditations #61

These are the shapes of a perfect world.  Would that we didn’t have to live so close to reality. Dance even when you are sad; love even...

26 Mar

Meditations #54

This is a place where land floats on water; where caimans soak in the shallows, and capybaras graze on flowers; where marsh deer nestle in...

8 Feb


Boyd Varty is the fourth generation custodian of Londolozi, one of the preeminent wildlife reserves of Southern Africa.  He is a man of huge...

3 Nov

Chem Chem Safari

Chem Chem, a relatively new Tanzanian property, is composed of two camps – Chem Chem principal Lodge and Little Chem Chem.  The main...

19 Sep

A Week in the Mara

In 1975 I stayed in Kenya’s Maasai Mara for 18 months living amongst the Maasai with all that entailed and making films.  It was among...

18 Sep

A Day with the Orphans

Dame Daphne Sheldrick has for many years run an orphanage on the grounds of Nairobi National Park in Kenya.  Her story is wonderfully inspiring...

24 Aug

Meditations #49

Dance for joy. This earth is a place of wonder.

24 Jul

Meditations #48

What is is that brings us such distances to such places, where a dorsal fin of ice floats in pristine stillness, and penguins play? This is...

9 Jul

Matteo and the Marmots

Matteo is an 8 year old boy who has struck up an amazing friendship with a colony of marmots in the Austrian Alps.  He has gone to the Alps...

3 Jul

Cuixmala’s Casitas

I have just returned from a short stay at one of my favorite places in Mexico, Cuixmala.  Set in 25,000 acres of unspoiled land, lagoons and...

31 Oct

Serengeti Highway – Disaster Unfolding

In 1972,  on a street in Nairobi, I met a charming filmmaker who was heading down to the Serengeti to make a film on the life cycle of the Cheetah....

24 Mar

I have a Friend in Africa…Sandy Price

She might have had a farm in Africa that nurtured her and then failed her; I have a friend in Africa who nurtures and never fails me.  Sandy...

11 Feb

Taj Gone Wild

One of the great traps that travel designers fall in to when planning trips in countries with solid gold reputations is to do the same old,...

10 Oct

There’s a Grevy in Our Garden

Zoe arrived at Sirikoi, the beautiful, small, private camp of Sue and Willie Roberts, located at the center of Northern Kenya’s Lewa Wildlife...

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