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7 Nov

San Lorenzo Mountain Lodge

I have just returned from an annual travel conference which affords a selective group of travel designers to connect with an equally interesting...

31 Oct

Riad Joya

There are scores of 5 star hotels in Marrakech and more arriving on the scene every year.  There are thousands of riads, tucked away in the...

29 Oct


Delicious restaurant in an even more attractive hotel – Bab Hotel www.babhotelmarrakech.comBab Hotel

11 Oct

Villa Gella (2)

A few months back I wrote a piece on a house that I had heard raves about.  Located at 5500 feet in the Rhodope mountains of southern Bulgaria,...

7 Sep

Gardens of Life: Eugenie-Les-Bains

There is a classic in the Southwest of France, 1. 5 hours from the renewed city of Bordeaux, an hour from Pau at the foot of the Pyrenees and...

3 Jul

Cuixmala’s Casitas

I have just returned from a short stay at one of my favorite places in Mexico, Cuixmala.  Set in 25,000 acres of unspoiled land, lagoons and...

20 Jun


A number of years ago I was cruising the coast of Turkey and we sailed by a boat so totally unique and stylish that I have never forgotten her....

9 Feb

Playa Vik Jose Ignacio, Uruguay

Sister property to the ranch-like Estancia Vik, Playa Vik opened in 2010 in the oceanfront resort town of José Ignacio, Uruguay, a calmer alternative...

23 Jan

Doha’s Pearl: Museum of Islamic Art

I.M. Pei’s Museum of Islamic Art is one of the most stunning installations I have ever seen.  Shadow and light, surrounded by water, and...

17 Nov

MAD Goes African

The Museum of Arts and Design has opened its Global Africa Project, a blockbuster show of African and African-inspired art and craftwork.  Many...

31 Oct

Cartier Art Magazine

I don’t read magazines much anymore.  I would prefer to use my reading time for books – a recent favorite being David Grossman’s...

26 Oct

De Vera

It didn’t surprise me that De Vera and the supremely talented Kathe Williams (see Two Green Witches 9/9/10), had the imagination to design...

20 Oct


It takes a special eye to see natural beauty and reinterpret it into something else that is different and just as lovely. Anne Summers has always...

17 Aug

Kalahari Jewels

Collaboration between creative individuals, between cultures which must cross a massive divide to speak to each other, is hugely exciting, quietly...

13 Aug

Preserving Traditions

I was an anthropology major in college and grad school. Old loves never die. When I came across One Fine Thread, Anna Haber’s blog on global...

16 Jul

Janete Zamboni

One of the pleasures of living in a city like New York is the wealth of creativity and creative venues at ones fingertips.  Poking around the...

19 Apr

Hotel Verhaegen

This extraordinary moment we find ourselves in — grounded for days by forces beyond our control — contains a silver lining for some....

24 Mar

I have a Friend in Africa…Sandy Price

She might have had a farm in Africa that nurtured her and then failed her; I have a friend in Africa who nurtures and never fails me.  Sandy...

21 Jan

Creative Women

I met Ellen Dorsch a number of years back in the Handmade section of the biannual NY Gift Show, a wonderful, wide display of textured...

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