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20 Apr

The Albertine

Located on the ground floor of the glorious Payne Whitney mansion that houses the Cultural Services of the French Embassy, the Albertine is...

8 May

Two Best Things This Week

I have a  practice which is to think back, every evening, on the three best things I have experienced during the day.  And so, of the 21...

15 Nov


Piazza del Duomo An hour and a half by road from Milan is the small, elegant and refined city of Parma.  In this foodie age it is probably...

10 May

China Through The Looking Glass

The most wonderful show, China Through the Looking Glass, has opened at the Met Museum and will be up until August 16.  It is a stunning, meandering...

5 Sep

Museum of Old and New Art – Tassie’s Jewel

David Walsh opened MONA in 2012 and, in the two years since, it has become the #1 tourist attraction in Tasmania.  And that is not because Tasmania...

23 Aug

Meditations #58

An architect builds in a particular geography and at a specific moment in history.  It may not be our geography or our history and so, to understand...

25 Feb

Meditations #53

The child, so near and yet so far, lives in the storybooks of old, now found in the shadow of a skyscraper, retreating from the fingertips of...

4 Sep


When I travel I spend a good deal of time making sense of change – the before and the after, the old and the new, the process of aging....

3 Aug

Life, Death & Dancing: David Rakoff

There is a YouTube segment from NPR’s This American Life that is essential viewing.  Rakoff was an essayist, a precise, delicious wordsmith...

9 Jul

Tech Gamalan

I love gamelan music much to my sons’ bemusement.  And so it was surprising when Justin sent me the link below. http://tonematrix.audiotool.com/ And...

25 Jun

Meditations #47

The Maasai say: You know where you are coming from but not where you are going. Mysteries in the well of the past. The strivings and yearnings,...

18 May

Andalusia: Images from a Recce

Lustau Winery Jerez Training bull ring – Cortijo de la Sierra   Ole!   Picador   Spanish Horses – Cortijo de la Sierra Arcos...

11 Jul

Willing Foot’s American Stories

Willing Foot, Lisa Lindblad’s travel website offering smart, well-designed travel for active and curious travelers,  has designed a collection...

14 Oct


Jesse Kornbluth, the eminence grise behind Headbutler, has been writing about culture for decades as an author and magazine journalist.  He...

7 Apr

Patzcuaro’s Newest Star

A lovely, art-filled hotel has opened in an important 16th century manor house in Michoacan’s central city of Patzcuaro. Located just half...

26 Jan


I was wrong. Who knows where ones first impressions come from.  Oriana Fallaci, a woman I admired hugely for her courage to speak her mind,...

24 Jun

Meditations #11

The diversity of cultures is a remarkable thing. The Roman Empire built forums and amphitheatres, colonnaded avenues and temples, some of the...

9 Jun

Fresh, Seasonal, Delicious – Syrian Gastronomy

Just as Syria is a cradle of human culture, its cuisine impressed me as a star of world gastronomy along with Chinese, French or Italian gastronomy. As...

22 Mar

Funny Signs Africa – #1

One of my favorite past times, when traveling around the world, is finding – and smiling at – signs.  Africa is a great source...

17 Mar

St. Paddy’s Day in New York


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This is a balustrade i came across on a walk with Mabel in Central Park.
A new season upon us. It feels livelier and noisier today (not sure I like it!) as the city begins to wake as if from a long sleep or a frigid winter. Taking one day at a time we welcome what is to come.
Last day at the beach and in freedom.
A day at the beach with Ollie and Mabel
Finn, the peaceful center in the storm.