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28 Jun

Fabulous Fakes

A must see at the Museum of Art and Design (always a fascinating stop in Manhattan for a culture monger) is the recently opened exhibition of...

29 Sep

Vicky Chignall & the Kipande

I am proud to call Vicky Chignall a friend.  A remarkable woman of great talent, passion and commitment, Vicky arrived in Kenya in 1972 with...

29 Aug

African Heritage (2)

28 Aug

Alan Donovan – African Heritage

On the eve of my departure for Kenya, my heart place, I offer you a glimpse of what makes this country and this continent so unique. I first...

30 Oct

Majorelle Update

The sites of Marrakech can be seen in one morning.  While they tell a complex story that underpins much of what enchants travelers to this city...

26 Oct

De Vera

It didn’t surprise me that De Vera and the supremely talented Kathe Williams (see Two Green Witches 9/9/10), had the imagination to design...

20 Oct


It takes a special eye to see natural beauty and reinterpret it into something else that is different and just as lovely. Anne Summers has always...

17 Aug

Kalahari Jewels

Collaboration between creative individuals, between cultures which must cross a massive divide to speak to each other, is hugely exciting, quietly...

16 Jul

Janete Zamboni

One of the pleasures of living in a city like New York is the wealth of creativity and creative venues at ones fingertips.  Poking around the...

8 Jul

Globe Travel

The story of Fulco di Verdura and his jewelry reads like a movie:  childhood idylls that influenced adult creativity, family conflicts that...

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