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12 Jul

Shopping the World

Oh, I love the internet!  SHOP LATITUDE has come in to my box for months, and it has always been axed by my delete button.  Until yesterday....

6 Nov

Andy Hayler – Restaurant Guru

Some of the trips I plan are more complicated than others; the client can be a stickler, or the destination, culturally complicated, can be...

27 Oct

Hand/Eye Magazine

I first met Keith Recker when I was serving on the Board of Directors of Aid To Artisans, that remarkable organization which, under the stewardship...

3 Feb

Willing Foot Launches

For the wayfaring kind, the jetsetters, the adventurous and the wanderers, For those who seek culture, understanding and exclusivity while traveling, We...

17 Nov

MAD Goes African

The Museum of Arts and Design has opened its Global Africa Project, a blockbuster show of African and African-inspired art and craftwork.  Many...

26 Oct

De Vera

It didn’t surprise me that De Vera and the supremely talented Kathe Williams (see Two Green Witches 9/9/10), had the imagination to design...

27 Jan

Meditations on Travel #7

      I have watched fishermen all over the world. Whether with line, rod, basket, or net, the requirements of the job are the same:...

27 Jan

Anthony Bourdain: Traveler

Most people know Anthony Bourdain from his book, Kitchen Confidential, which jackhammered the restaurant world when it hit the shelves.  The...

30 Oct

Travel: A Question of Balance

  It is generally thought that the word travel comes from the Old French word travail, meaning work, labor. In the 14th century, the meaning...

27 Oct

Meditations on Travel #4

We travel for this: to settle in to our body and connect with our heart; to savor diversity; to be surprised; to remain flexible. ...

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