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8 Dec

Details of a Life in Pueblo Garzon

There is much about Pueblo Garzon that is magical.  It speaks to us in many different tongues, but for me, in the still of the night when the...

15 Feb

Garzon Images

22 Jan

Horses of Garzon

22 Jan

Pueblo Garzon

There is this unusual aspect of my village in Uruguay..it is Sunday today and the two general stores in the village that offer any food are closed....

18 Jan

The Horse Whisperer Cont.

18 Jan

The Horse Whisperer

It is, without doubt, one of the most moving experiences. Like Bartabas, Martin is magical with his horses.  The stillness between them vibrates...

16 Jan

Bombacha Search Success

Adorable Emilia from the beautiful estancia of La Bamba in San Antonio de Areco, shared with me her favorite shop for bombachas, those pleated,...

27 Aug

Garzon in Winter

2 Apr

Sheep Shearing in Garzon

A great brouhaha went up this morning bringing us into the road.  We found Julio and a fellow gaucho herding the village sheep out of town...

24 Nov

Meditations #16

Across the wide plains of Argentina and Uruguay, where cattle raising is a way of life, men who work the livestock are called gaucho. The mainstay...

17 Oct

Two South American Classics

We have found two classic purveyors who we never fail to  visit on our trips to Argentina and Uruguay. Benitez is the talabarteria where I...

21 Aug

The Quiet of the Land

I spend some of my favorite days in a rural village in Uruguay.  I have written about the special magic of Garzon before – how it manages...

10 May

Another Election

  Far away from the hung election in Great Britain, another election is taking place. Hand-painted signs, flags and banners fly...

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