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31 Jul

Birds of Prey

I have become fascinated by birds of prey.  I have always loved seeing eagles riding the thermals across the African plains, but it wasn’t...

29 Mar

Meditations #80

When you go, leave your preconceptions behind. Take a wild imagination, dive deep into millennia past and re-envision the future. Travel is...

24 Jan

The Empty Quarter

When I was in my early 20’s, I shared a tented camp for many months in Kenya’s Maasai Mara with my first husband, a filmmaker.  We...

16 Jan

UAE: Dubai and Around

    Burj al Arab profile behind Jumeirah Madinat   One’s impressions of places have so much to do with who you travel with,...

15 Nov


One of the most special things about Marrakech is its position..this ancient, walled city rising out of the desert is ringed with  mountains. ...

27 Aug

Meditations #38

It is impossible to describe the beauty of the land without mentioning the sky Photo:   Brad Franklin Sedona, USA

18 Dec

Meditations #30

His daughter had died, he told me, tears running freely down his cheeks.  He went alone into the desert in search of himself, to touch the...

22 Oct

Meditations on Travel #15

Poised between two worlds: the sedentary one of village and farm, the other, on the hoof, across an ocean of sand. If the desert appears empty,...

17 Aug

Kalahari Jewels

Collaboration between creative individuals, between cultures which must cross a massive divide to speak to each other, is hugely exciting, quietly...

7 Dec

Island of the Blessed

Only a place that carries the confidence of its own originality and beauty can introduce itself with a quote from Herodotus – “Oases...

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