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12 Aug

Lessons From the Land Down Under (2)

The story of much of Australia is the story of sandstone.  Arrive in Sydney and it’s all around you – in buildings proud and humble,...

11 Aug

Lessons From the Land Down Under

This is Darwin, a snoozing koala in Sydney’s Taronga Zoo.  There is another in the enclosure that I have arranged special access to,...

4 Aug

Sodashi For Your Mane

Emirates Group owns One&Only Wolgan Valley Resort and Spa and the group is owned by the uncle of the current Prime Minister of UAE, Ahmed...

2 Aug

The Magic of Wolgan Valley

One&Only Emirates Wolgan Valley Resort and Spa Wolgan Valley feels a bit like an antipodean shangri la.  A drive of 2 1/2 hours takes you...

30 Sep

Meditations #59

Who would have thought to find, at the edge of the world, a bay so graceful, a beach so perfect, and water of such clarity? They say that here,...

8 Sep

Good Bye to Sydney

Thanks to all in Australia.  What a great trip.

8 Sep

Radio Cairo

We have eaten well, no question.  Australia is justly proud of its innovative cuisine, its chefs, wines, whiskies, stickies, oysters, seafood,...

8 Sep

Charlie Murtagh

We strolled the Salamanca Saturday market that wound its way around the Hobart waterfront and fell in love with some short brown dress boots....

8 Sep

Freycinet Peninsula, Tasmania

Three hours north of Hobart lies a magnificent peninsula that stretches gracefully in to the Tasman Sea.  Its pink granite and feldspar hills...

5 Sep

Museum of Old and New Art – Tassie’s Jewel

David Walsh opened MONA in 2012 and, in the two years since, it has become the #1 tourist attraction in Tasmania.  And that is not because Tasmania...

3 Sep

A Private Visit to the Australian Museum

I started my adult life as an anthropologist focussed on Africa and nomadic peoples.  My first year offerings as a graduate student at Columbia...

1 Sep

The Botanist : Aussie Sliders at their Best

Gerard Fothergill, an English globetrotting botanist of the early 20th century, ran a small bookshop on Willoughby Street in Kirribilli, the...

31 Aug

Sydney Lifestyle

On this sunny Sunday morning we drive to a part of Sydney which is new to me.  Balmain is in the western suburbs, an area I am told that is...

30 Aug

Sydney’s Pretty Things

The day started misty with rain which made wandering in the outdoor markets less than appealing.  And so we turned towards Bondi and a shop...

29 Aug

A Day Out In Sydney

After checking in to the Park Hyatt, a wonderful four-story hotel that hugs the curve of the waterfront and offers these incredible views on...

28 Aug

Room With a View

Hello Sydney!  Nice to meet you in the rain… ..in the sun……storm… …and undecided weather.  All within the space...

22 Jan

Meditations #52

We sailed along the Seven Seas With Bugis at our back Sulu,Timor, Celebes, And lovely Rajampat. We pitched across the Wallace Line And dropped...

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