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11 Nov

Fogo Island

Fogo Island:  The landscape is startling and honest, unsentimental and unafraid.  The weather is a member of the community…the winds...

22 Sep

Meditations #27

Most of us inhabit the middle zone. The challenge is to stretch to the limit of our capacity, to reach deep into the fertile valleys of our imagination,...

10 Sep

Les Maisons Marines d’Huchet

I have a bucket list of places that I want to see, and Huchet has been right up there since I first came across photos of it.  It has that...

9 Feb

Playa Vik Jose Ignacio, Uruguay

Sister property to the ranch-like Estancia Vik, Playa Vik opened in 2010 in the oceanfront resort town of José Ignacio, Uruguay, a calmer alternative...

8 Jan

Brazil’s Coast

Manhattan has, as extraordinary as it is for us who live here to believe, been brought to its knees by a snowstorm.  The season’s leaden...

13 Oct

Punta del Diablo

An hour and a half from our home in Pueblo Garzon, straight up the Atlantic Coast on the way to southern Brazil, is the slightly trashy, quite...

13 Apr

Bayonne Market

  Bayonne, the capital of the northern Basque country, sits at the confluence of the Adour and Nive rivers and has been, for centuries,...

19 Jan

Sable Island Horses

On a narrow sandbar, located 300 km southeast of Halifax, untold numbers of ships have been wrecked.  It is imagined that a pair of horses...

9 Jan

La Huella

For three weeks a year Jose Ignacio, Uruguay, has its high season. Probably the shortest in the world but, because of it, this littletown gets...

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