Of Chakras and Healing, Expansion and Transformation

BY Lisa Lindblad

July 25, 2011

This week I will be departing on a journey up to the Himalayan foothills and deep into the wisdom of the Vedas, India’s most ancient scriptures.  For a week I will be nurtured by the quiet of the forested hills and the slow pace of the ancient Ganges, calmed with meditation practice and restored with  yoga, long walks and Ayurvedic therapies and cuisine.  This is not an ashram, and it is not boot camp.  Ananda is a sublime retreat and spa that dedicates itself to restoring balance and harmony.

I will be unplugged, but I will be writing.  I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

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There is a magic to this valley, they say, with its flowered meadows

and aspen groves cut by the Roaring Fork.

And those sublime snowcapped peaks that dominate it all.

There is a kinship here, nurtured in the mountain’s fold,

as well as a fierce commitment to protect what is so dearly loved.

Photo:  Forest Woodward

Location:  Aspen, CO

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Meditations #75