NoMad Hotel

BY Lisa Lindblad

June 13, 2012

On 28th Street and Broadway, in what is known locally as Manhattan’s Koreatown, a wonderful Beaux Arts building has been repurposed.  Formerly the National Cash Register building, this limestone gem, with graceful prow and topped by a gorgeous cupola, has become the NoMad Hotel.  With interiors by French designer, Jacques Garcia, the hotel has arrived in New York with a wonderful old world, French feel.  Comfortable, cozy, home-like, NoMad has 5 categories of rooms.  The first four categories differ each from the other by about 40 square feet and bathroom fixtures (the claw foot tub has become an iconic image of the  hotel); the suites sit one atop the other in the prow of the building with a wonderful sweep of gritty New York out the window.

There are some really special spaces at the hotel:  The restaurant is in the hands of the chef of 11 Madison Park and is a very hard one to book;  The library, a wonderfully enticing room that is open to the public; the rooftop cupola terrace, a seasonal restaurant bookable on the day of dining.

There is one other surprise here – Maison Kitsune from France. A beautiful shop that is a real culture shock in Koreatown.

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The Whitby Hotel – New York’s Latest