For Andrew

August 2016.

Glimmering waves in Capri

Dear Andrew,

Capri is an Island with a rich history of vacationing—even in Roman times, this was a popular destination due to its excellent climate and stunning beach vistas. You will get to take part in this long tradition of relaxation and restoration. That’s not all, though—per our conversations, I have selected your activities with an eye to also providing an authentic view of this Island as not only a vacation paradise, but also as a place where people live, work, and preserve a unique culture.

Day 1: Arrival

In the early morning light, Capri will materialize before you, faded at first and then proud, rising like an emerald from the dark blue sea. From the ferry, its southern profile, carved like the two humps of a Bactrian camel, is almost as iconic as the famous rocks, Faraglioni, lying out of sight off its northern coast. Gradually, cliff-clinging houses will appear, followed by the clustered settlement of whitewashed houses with vaulted roofs nestled in the saddle between the mountains.

Upon arrival, you will be met by your guide, Dario, who will provide detailed local knowledge and amicable companionship for the duration of your journey.

Day 2: The Island

Today, let your imagination wander up to the summit of Anacapri, across the island’s Mediterranean pine forests, and down into the cobalt seas where Greek and Roman treasures are still to be found. Capri is an island of magic, a place where the figures of history, both deep and recent, continue to walk.

Visit La Certosa on Capri proper, where musical performances take place, which will delight your passion for music. Then, back up on Anacapri, visit Villa San Michele, behind the sphinx, notable for its stunning view.

As the day winds down, return to your hotel for a simple, very Capresi dinner at Aurora.

Day 3: Rocks

Andrew, there must be something in the rock, in its curves and dips and folds, because here you will be immersed in an extraordinary breadth of foliage and flora. Notice how this fertile disposition breeds lofty pines, walls of wisteria and bougainvillea, trailing geranium and impatiens, even while supporting incredible fauna—including tremendous populations of chameleons, songbirds and gulls. Spend your morning appreciating this richness, further illuminated by Dario’s knowledge and storytelling.

Then, you will be transported to Centro Caprense Ignazio Cerio, a museum and foundation whose mission is to preserve and present documentation and materials on all things Caprese, located in buildings near the Piazzetta. Relax in the evening and dine at Da Tonino.

Day 4: Glamour

Rise early this morning to visit Capri’s backstreets, where daily life unfolds. It is the glamour of Capri that draws the crowds, but there is another face to Capri to be seen in its backstreets and country lanes. In spite of the celebrities, fashionistas and yachts, there is an ordinary, everyday Capresi life that operates in a parallel universe. Children walk to school, fishermen haul their catches, laborers unload early morning supplies from Naples, and nonnas stop to chat during their marketing. It’s a tenacious culture that endures the high season and then thrives when the last of the tourists have fled.

At dusk, head to the belvedere above via Tuoro, and continue up to Villa Jovis. Visit the remains of Emperor Tiberius’ palace, fortress and barracks. Stroll anywhere off the beaten path where you will find yourself peacefully alone with the sound of birds and the scent of jasmine.

Wind down tonight with dinner at Panorama.

Day 5: Shop

Per our conversation, we have scheduled the day today just for shopping. Start at Eco Capri for a wide array of items decorated with Laetitia Cerio’s wonderful prints. Then, head to Cabana for Helen White’s fine eye. Stroll toward Laboratorio for something a little different, Antonio Viva for sandals, and Capri Home for household linens. When you’ve finished your retail therapy, you will dine at Faraglioni, where you have dinner reservations.

Day 6: Swim

On your last day, you will bathe in the clear waters of the Mediterranean. To swim in the ocean, you have two options – you can either go to one of the many beach clubs (La Fontelina is the most famous), where you must purchase a chair or sunbed before you can swim. We have also hired a captained boat, so you can head out with a simple but delicious lunch—a baguette, cheese and fruit—in search of a private cove and flat rock to sun and snorkel. You will bid farewell to Capri tonight with dinner at Ristorante Mamma.

Andrew, it has been my pleasure to plan this itinerary for you. Please feel free to contact me at any time, should the need arise.