Uruguay’s Gaucho Chic

BY Lisa Lindblad

November 12, 2009

Estancia Vik’s personality seems to change with the seasons, with the light. In a winter’s morning it is ethereal, floating in and out of the wispy mists.  In the harsh sunlight of summer, it reigns over a landscape of pastures and standing pools, reminding me of the African plains.  At dusk, it beckons you home; standing solitary on a rise, it  looks privileged, yet lonely.

Estancia Vik, located just 10 minutes from the hip and trendy beach resort of Jose Ignacio, is a quintessential ranch on one of Uruguay’s most beautiful 4,000-acre estates.  Its 12 unique suites, ranging from 500 to 900 square feet, and its common rooms have all been conceived and created by individual Uruguayan artists, creating an environment that not only offers superb luxury and service but also offers a world of stories.  Reigning over this domain is Max Broquen, formerly part of the Faena group, who brings added style to the property and offers gentle care to each client.  Estancia Vik offers an experience heretofore unavailable in Uruguay — in fact, quite unique in the world at large.

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John Derian Goes West