Union Square Saturday Morning

BY Lisa Lindblad

April 28, 2013

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I think we all secretly harbor the desire to run a B&B that looks and feels something like The Graham & Co.  I know a number of people who dream about serving up delicious organic produce on trestled dining tables after hanging breezy linen curtains in simple, clean bedrooms with wainscoting and wide floorboards.

2.5 hours from New York City, in wonderfully named Phoenicia, NY, is an inn with a clear view of itself..local, authentic, unpretentious, stylish, natural.

Swimming holes and bikes, a handful of locals to hang with at the Pheonicia Diner, skiing at Hunter Mountain in winter and hiking amongst bears and rattlers in summer - what more could one want?  Maybe a bit of peace after a long hard week on the Avenue.

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The Graham & Co.