Sailing The Seven Seas

BY Lisa Lindblad

January 28, 2014

about-us-purnamaSome of the most beautiful sailing areas on the planet occur on the Seven Seas – Banda, Timor, Celebes, not to mention gorgeous Raja Ampat.  This has traditionally been the lurking ground of the ruthless seafarers of South Sulawesi, the Bugis, who dogged the routes of English and Dutch trading ships.  European sailors may have feared the Bugis for their piratic ways, but was that fear mixed with a touch of admiration when , through the spyglass, they marked the tall mainsail and wide hull of the Phinisi ship bearing down on them?

The Alila hotel chain has added to its property inventory in Indonesia a beautiful, 46-meter Phinisi-styled boat, Alila Purnama.  With 5 well-appointed suites over its three decks, Alila Purnama, translated as The Full Moon, is gracefully furnished with traditional teak and rattan furniture and locally sourced fabric, offers delicious food and, most importantly, sails you to the Seven Seas.



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We sailed along the Seven Seas

With Bugis at our back

Sulu,Timor, Celebes,

And lovely Rajampat.

We pitched across the Wallace Line

And dropped down in to Oz.

 We lingered on the reef’s deep blue

And swam in coral seas,

Then set our sights on Uluru,

Wombats and wallabies.

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Meditations #52