Some More TED talks…

BY Lisa Lindblad

May 5, 2014

downloadIt was great to have so many emails come in with other people’s favorite TED talks.  Here are another three sent from Argentina by my friend, Nicolas. On the surface they seem quite disparate; in fact, however, they speak about the necessity to recognize and to care for the inner life.

Amanda Palmer –The art of asking

 Jill Bolte Taylor’s stroke of insight

 Susan Cain: The power of introverts.

And then, even though it is not a TED talk, this video which touches on a similar theme:

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"Think with your eyes, feel with your ears," says best-selling author, Malcolm Gladwell.  It's all ears when you indulge in his latest venture, the 10-episode podcast called Revisionist History.  Each week Gladwell revisits something from the past - an event, a person, an idea - taking a second look, reinterpreting it.  And, in his characteristic way, he circles back to the present, widening the lens and, simultaneously, our thinking eyes.

I have fallen in love with podcasts.  For the traveler, podcasts are the perfectly tailored companion.  They thrive in the quiet and empty hours of a plane ride. They create private, emotional space in very public, and often offensive ones, (think airports).  And it is always comforting, when on the road, to listen to stories.

Revisionist History is but my most recent podcast, but other notable ones that I have enjoyed:  Serial seasons 1 & 2; The Bowery Boys; Invisibilia

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Revisionist History: Gladwell Explains Things to People